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eBook 'SIP and IMS Specifications For Dummies' (Armenian Translation) (French Translation)


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Purpose and Contents


It is quite easy to get lost in the jungle/maze of SIP/VoIP and IMS specifications. The enabler protocols of these technologies (e.g. SIP, RTP, DNS, Diameter) are the subject of numerous specifications that have been produced by different standard organizations such as IETF, 3GPP, 3GPP2, TISPAN and others. It can be difficult to locate the right document, or even to determine the set of specs about these protocols.


Don't Panic! This book serves as a guide to the SIP/IMS specs. It lists the specifications under the SIP/IMS umbrella, briefly summarizes each, and groups them into categories.


Intended audience


Technical/marketing people who need to find their way in the maze of SIP/IMS standard specifications.




No prior knowledge is assumed.  




The SIP/VoIP/IMS standard bodies are introduced; as well as the way they relate to each other. Scope and key IMS topics of the current 3GPP release (R11) are also listed. Then ALL of the SIP and IMS key specs (231 as of 7/2012) are listed, briefly summarized and grouped into categories (e.g. Security, Identity and profile, Accounting/Charging etc).




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